Junior Cervila Latin Dance Company comes back to Japan with a new show on December 2004 at the Itabashi 
Kuritsu Bunka Kaikan Theater in Tokyo , Japan. The show features sixteen live dancers 
interacting with images projected onto the stage.
Latin Dance Company captures the passion and sensuality that makes Latin dance an 
extraordinary experience for audiences. It’s a spectacular virtual tour of Latin dance with 
Flamenco, Salsa, Samba, Folklore and the Argentine Tango as destinations. 
The Creator/Artistic Director Antonio Cervila Junior is best known as a star of “Tango 
Argentino” on Broadway, but he has an extensive background in ALL the dances of the Latin 
world. His unique vision combines the essence of the Latin American dance experience
with a contemporary sense of style and showmanship.
New York newspapers refer to his as "The Gene Kelly of Latin dance".

Junior Cervila - Latin Dance Carnival 2004

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